Monday, March 7, 2011

[ kiwiberry review ] ☆ ☆ . LASH #7 . & . CUBE GREY circle lens . & accesories haul ++

such with always being busy , comes laziness on free time U.U so apologies to followers & also , so so so nice to meet you ♥ xoxo .
hopefully posting something of slight interest . week ago i got my order from a place i think i heard about from dolly

. www.kiwiberry1-collection.com .

website & shipping service. the website itself is quite easy to navigate . i haven't ordered lenses in a long time , so i thought the selection was pretty good , a little overwhelming with so many pairs , & not every pair of course has the ideal image available . customer galleries , however , are very comprehensive (though sometimes i felt like some pairs were not labeled clearly enough) . luckily , if you're feeling overwhelmed there is a 15% discount for new customers , a buy- 5- get- the- 6th- free deal , & another 15% discount for submitting a review to definitely welcome you , haha . i was pretty miffed when my desired boxes of lashes were sold out (#11 , #4 & #5) but obviously understandable XD i ended up getting #7 & #3 ..... uou

anyways , their shipping ETA from vancouver , ca is 6-15 business days for CA & USA , 9-20 business days for INT'L . paid through paypal on february 9th & received my package february 28th , little less than 2.5 weeks .

inspired by light spring colours , i also went on a mini accessory binge from a shop down the street . it is to be continued >o>

lash #7 & #3. just looking at them sitting in the box , you can see how short they are . i never mind how black or plastic lashes look , but they're a bit on the short size (i kind of have naturally long lashes) so the most they contribute is a style . nonetheless , the bones on lashes like these are always both durable & flexible , but inevitably , you may double or triple up! length. 5/10. volume. 5/10. comfort. 9/10. durability. 8/10.

as you can see , the $2 pairs i got in my haul compensate for that length & volume i prefer . but in terms of durability , they don't last as long .

pink. g&g super nudy pink!!
blue. max candy dolly blue!!
grey. cube grey **

today i will be reviewing the compellingly dramatic CUBE GREY as worn in the opening photo.

& of course , a dramatic photo or ten 8D

effect . EXTREMELY DRAMATIC . you will not get away with wearing these without a ton of make-up . the pupils are extremely exaggerated & the pixel-gradient outer ring are obviously extremely unnatural looking. these are either for heavy make-up , cosplay , or tripping shrooms .

colour . nonetheless , the pupil & ring are what make the light grey colour POP! my eyes are the colour brown that's on the threshold of black , so the actual design of the pupil , iris & ring completely cover my own natural eye colour & iris size & create the drama without compromising on vibrancy because my eyes are so dark .

comfort . diameter is at 14.8mm , a bit of a stretch from my usual nudy's at 14mm . nonetheless , they're extremely comfortable . i have not yet worn them longer than 6hrs , however .

conclusion . if you're going for the unnatural , you win . love the lightness of the colour , love the drama of the lens , perfect for extreme gyaru make or just eyes that pop . definitely an unavoidable conversation-starter .

& voila ! there you have it . my new favourite cube greys (tied with nudy golden blue) & Sassi Lash #100 .
can you spot lash #7 ?? PERFECT SIZE FOR BOTTOM FIT 8DDD LOL


pick which lens review next ☆ ☆
super nudy pink!! rewarding pink lens after discriminate shopping ! actually pink , & not brown / violet / muddled colour on dark eyes 8D
max candy doll blue.!! LOVE blue lens , & aptly the most glassy doll-like eyes i've tried .

thank you for reading . xoxo .

Sunday, February 20, 2011

GAL CODE ! ☆ DIAMOND ☆ @ NTV -- Sekai No Kuchikomi Atsumemashita ☆☆

☆ diamond☆ gyaru-sa featured on
our storyline for the show basically highlights our GAL CODE as a gyaru-sa.
I screencapped it for those unable to view <3 The only quality to be found; thank MIE for finding it .

video @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3LDwlhiCrY

We are going to introduce to you an interesting rumor from a gal group in California.
...In the area of Los Angeles appears to be…
Hello, I am the leader of this group Krystina!
California Gal, Galfornia
Inspired by Japanese Gal Culture = Galfornia (Californian Gal)

[ 1st Gen were the leaders XD ]

[ note. Michi's room is like a gyaru kirakira museum.]

First, the gal’s introduced them to their club room (when you see them from behind they look Japanese) “This is our club room we call it ‘Shibuya’. (HAHAHAHA)
1) They call their club room Shibuya. 2) Gal Goods are purchased at Little Tokyo (Japanese Doll!?) 3) They consider koakuma and pop sisters their bible. We buy it at Little Tokyo and study Japanese Gal from the magazines.

[ tricia violates our gal code. her hair is not big enough ]

[ TRIBASA !! ]

Suddenly, (e~!) “Tricia we are Tsubasa for life, do you understand the importance of this? Your hair is not sticking out?! Please fix it right now! (scary) 5) Hair should always be sticking out moru (look poofy). We have to be always fashionable or we would not be considered as galfornia. What do you think, doesn’t it look good huh? (wow, really looks great).

[ part of our GAL CODE. : you MUST parapara ]

[ LOL . MIE is my favourite XD ]

[ part of our GAL CODE. you must make up right after you fight ]

The gals wanted to show to the Japanese something. They arrived at the middle of downtown Los Angeles shopping mall. What is going to happen? “Are you guys ready?” Is it what we think it is… PARAPARA? (no way!) Suddenly, (this is Gal is not dancing, does she even remember it?)
“STOP STOP STOP, excuse me Mie do you practice the moves?”
“That’s what I think I am doing”
“Tsubasa might be watching this, it’s a disgrace!”
“I’m just a little bit nervous!”
“You are a disgrace to the Galifornia!”
6) They are aware that they are being on Japanese Television.
“Just calm down you two! I can’t believe we are fighting over this, what if this whole segment is being aired in Japan that is considered a disgrace. I can’t believe this, we are trying to impress Tsubasa and our leader feels pressure because of that. Our leader is probably loves gal more than any of us, she’s just really intense when it comes to leading the group.

One hour later… OK we got to our favorite spot! YOSHIGYU, we heard that Tsubasa eats here too. 7) After an argument they go to YOSHINOYA. Yoshinoya is very popular in Los Angeles.

[ apparently j-gyaru eat @ Yoshinoya , so of all the nice restos in LA , they
wanted to see us eat here , eating beef bowls & drinking PEPSI ... but especially: ]


8) Beef bowl extra juice is the best. Even in the receipt it says “extra juice”. Even in Los Angeles you can experience the taste of Japanese. Putting a lot of assorted pepper and ITADAKIMASU!

[ it was actually really hard to eat XD surprised so many 'happy' photos LOL ]

“After eating beef bowl I feel that our argument was stupid, Mie, sorry to say harsh things to you, let’s work at the PARA PARA so we can perfect it together. (hahaha) We need to study more on the Japanese Gal Culture so we can show good things to Tsubasa!”

The staff says, “Um… sorry to burst your bubble but there are only a few Japanese Gal Circles in Japan and they are not that popular.” “…”

[ LOL ]


Did you like our rumor please judge (wowww!)
“It made me happy to know that Japan is being accepted by many”
“I know all you got to put is a host club nearby Yoshinoya and it is completely Japan” (HAHAHAHA)
“I really want to bring them to Shibuya” (Oh my gosh that’s brillian idea)
“What if we bring them to Shibuya and out of nowhere Tsubasa runs in to see to them?”
“Wow sounds so much fun! I would love to see that.”

the episode was basically highlighting our "GAL-CIRCLE CODE". I don't mind if we look obsessed with Tsubasa XD
maybe she will be more motivated to visit the US LOL.

XD i'm not the leader, but it's true that i just might be that hardcore LOL but our group is actually split up by 1ST
GENERATION ☆ & 2ND GENERATION ☆, not leaders. thank you for including footage
from our HOLIDAY HOT MESS EVENT & FASHION SHOW ♥♥ it was interesting seeing more extremes of our ourselves as a gal-sa ; hope you liked XD

Monday, February 14, 2011

valentine PUNCH ★ !! ★ !!

・゚☆ . ハッピー・バレンタインデー . ☆゚・

・゚☆ . happyvalentine'sday !!. ☆゚
流星が走り抜ける midnight

hope everyone enjoys a touch of romance & sinful debauchery tonight ♥ safe sex, all XD
have a valentine's day -esque post & some other stuff to follow soon ♥♥

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


i'm so excited for ★ ANAP LOS ANGELES店5TH ANNIVERSARY!!
18.FEBRUARY @ J LOUNGE [ 1119 S. Olive Street, Los Angeles, CA 90015 / www.jloungela.com ]
MORE DETAILS LATER ★ ★ hit me up to meet if you want to come with ♥

as already witnessed across a couple other DIAMOND blogs, we had some business to take care of last saturday >0> details to be released in time... so how about some photos to satisfy the meanwhile 8D ?? i stole a couple of them U.U thanks, ladies XD

3 photos credit---TRICIA ★

avacado tuna don ♥ & udon

1 photo credit---MICHI

been wanting to start a food blog for a couple years now. my boyfriend (foodie date) & i are both under the TAURUS sign. normally i don't quote astrology, but one thing people forget about a Taurus is we love fine food, fine drink, fine surroundings--& i always add fine company ;] anyways, as you know i'm pursuing my MA as a literary critic, i may have to train to become a food critic as well XD tons of photos i've been meaning to share. i wouldn't mind sharing the weight i've put on either T________________T

Friday, January 28, 2011

old-school gyaru style & val gal's make update .

If someone tells you that you don't need "big curly blonde hair", a tan, paled lips, etc. to be GAL ............ ............they are absolutely right >o>
(& actually, it seems nowadays there is a LOT of contempt towards this look as a gyaru standard...sad.)
But doesn't mean you can't rock the old-school gyaru look anyway!

basic formula. pale hair + pale lips + pale eyes + pale highlighter + contrasting tan 8D

COCONA is a huge style idol for me. To get this look, these are my musts:
1. ash / light blonde hair
2. tan!
(though this is natural for me)
3. light green / blue / grey circle lens
4. 3 pairs of lashes of considerable height
5. highlighter on eyes, cheeks, nose (contour)
6. nude / light pink lips
7. heavy darker shade blush
8. glitter eyeliner (usually gold)

Probably biased because I got into gyaru back in 2005 when the definition of gal was based on the ever-popular extremes of ganguro & yamanba. The magazines like EGG made it a rowdy, colourful, sexy, but WEARABLE street style as well, & then of course back then majority of the active people online were obsessed with Kaa-tan, 渡辺かおる Watanabe Kaoru, 吉田夏海 Yoshida Natsumi, & Angeleek for the more extreme. I even wore some very flamboyant banba-style make-up & hair for the entire first sophomore semester at my university (University of San Francisco). The receiving crowd was extremely discouraging, but there were the few who would approach & actually give me kudos for having balls---SWEET >0>

THE POINT IS---I still really like the relative extremes/difference of those styles, even though sexier & 'prettier' styles like agejou, sexy onee, koakuma, amekaji (& even still sometimes himegyaru) styles have evolved as the majority of gyaru-style preference, at least in the western world, I'd say. There's something about the aesthetic of the pale hair, pale lips, pale eyes, with the tan that I still find 'wild & sexy'----& I'm not talking about looking like sunburnt beach barbie trash >0>

If I'm not doing a more exaggerated look, my gal style doesn't even come off distinctly gyaru. Especially in photos, even my most extreme make just looks gyaru at best, even if I look like an alien in person. I know it's all in the application & me not getting the look down, but I can't seem to get it right.

I actually just really like looking unnatural.

Could be more extreme like this though.

Friday, January 21, 2011

memories of western gyaru elitism.

western GAL elitism used to be far more potent than it is now. There used to be an actual ELITE, as defined: a group of persons exercising the major share of authority or influence within a larger group (source). Kind of funny cause they used to argue over this definition too, considering how often they were accused. A very small bunch indeed, you knew each one by name actually, & they'd been well-known in the community, & highly respected, most often out of the conviction that their seniority in knowledge of the GAL world made them the authorities over the western share of it & their ability to EAT YOU ALIVE in front of a very intimate audience (what like 4-500 compared to today's 2,835 @ e-g) of westerners. Most of that 'respect' earned was probably out of fear than actual style accomplishment, which by today's standards was nothing more than cosplay.

Nowadays, I suppose, the elitism is defined: the choice or best of anything considered collectively. The problems I see most often cited have to do with:
1. having unrealistic expectations of a majority of normal girls to look like airbrushed magazine models
2. having unrealistic & unconscious expectations that non-asian gals look like 'plain fashionable western girls' because ultimately they don't have the 'asian' look
3. fostering a hostile environment that doesn't allow for creativity or flexibility in style or the ability to 'learn' as a newcomer
4. the ultimate issue with anonymous, unwarranted & irrelevant comments that stifle the growth & harmony of western gyaru as a fashion.

The problem with #3 is that for some, there is a textbook definition of gyaru, & for others, there is not. Indeed, there do need to be guidelines for what is considered gyaru, but these must be working guidelines that are not judged by a checklist of components but by the overall product.

we have to consider, however, the amount of girls that tumble their way into the communities with 0 relevance to the style. There also has to be a line drawn between criticism & bashing; while most complaints are about the 'too-mean', this is probably a backlash to the 'too-nice' that does indeed go on. you can't blame the group of well-accomplished gals who want to preserve the style's potency for what it is without watering it down into something it's really not :( so the problem is with people who are using the checklist to judge others unfairly vs. the people using the checklist to validate style when the style doesn't actually come together as gyaru. So the wolves do feed, but there's those also crying 'wolf'.

another problem with #3 is consistency of style & reputation; for example, that checklist is so flimsy, so demanded by many while being denied by many more, that a girl judged as a #1 GAL one post may be rejected in the next. are we judging clothes? are we judging attitude? do we call Tsubasa a GAL in the magazine or in the runway show but not a gal when she sports her sweats down the street running errands?

They said it may never happen in such a big place, but some of us experience western gyaru OFFLINE as opposed to being swept into the negativity that festers all over these online communities on an unending basis. & many a times, the stylistically best & most admired of the western community ARE those that have created it as a lifestyle for themselves, whether part of a gyaru-sa, or living as a GAL in japan, or even an individualized experience outside of both. ---it's probably because they aren't so obsessed with the negativity & fear of being bashed that they do find success & happiness in their style. -----& I suppose it's because of that that when I think of the western gal community, my experience of it isn't comprised of an entirely negative connotation, & I don't think it's fair to summarize the entire western gal experience as a fuck-up or bashing situation---in fact, I think it's actually come a long way ! & probably because my understanding is that the anonymous bashing, the unwarranted criticisms, & communities like gyaruhatememe pretty much draw the line between the actual community & those who simply troll to criticize (& probably do so in a world of other fashions & fandoms outside of gyaru anyway), so I don't see the hatred of it as being a real part of the western gal community specifically anyway.

GANTZ --- Live-Action Global Premier -- QUIKK REVIEW .

Last night was a date with the hubbie to see the GANTZ! Live-Action Global Premier. Saw it @ Universal CityWalk & we showed up incredibly early thinking there'd be a line wrapped around the theatre 8D ....... ........ but no D8 ?

ADAPTATION. needed more ecchi. >o> but with respect to audience & viewership universality .... it can slide XD

Obviously what was most pleasing is that Japanese cinema doesn't have the same tendency as Hollywood movies to turn stories like these into over-explosive, switch-scenes-every-3-seconds action flicks. The pace of the movie stayed loyal to the pace of both the manga & the anime: very slow, with all attention paid to character development, expression & motion. Anyone who has read the manga knows how lengthy & drawn-out the scenes & exchanges between characters are, & the art really captures every second of a character's thoughts & their consequent changes in reactionary facial expressions & twitches.

COSTUMING/DESIGN. Aside from the pace, the costuming & CG of the ALIENS was also done really well; just about exact to the art you viewed in the manga & anime both, with no effect or make-up as 'too fake' or trying too hard to make the design more than what it needed to be.

CASTING. & KEI KURONO'S CHARACTER. I don't know anything about Arashi or Kazunari Ninomiya prior to what I've seen in GANTZ. Kei Kurono's movie character seemed to be the one I felt most iffy about---mostly because I think I had anticipated him to be more of a perverted, teenage lowlife delinquent than the way he was portrayed, which seemed more of simply an unsuccessful, lack-of-presence job-striving individual (I hadn't finished the released manga so maybe I missed something here). The character, in the context of the movie, however, didn't take away from the consistency of the storyline; & aside from that, I thought the casting was done impeccably well, ESPECIALLY in the case of Kato Masaru & Joichiro Nishi.

ONE CHARACTER I DID MISS , THOUGH : INU T______________________T LOL

thanks for reading 8DD i would so cosplay that $5000 leather suit everyday like nobody's business .