Wednesday, February 10, 2010


For a while now, the trend for GAL make (at least in popteen) has been very heavy top lashes w/more natural (though still long/fake) lower lashes. The effect is very 60s-esque (especially with long spider lashes, bottom & top). Gives a still 'natural' look while accentuating the eyes, coupled with a soft pink blush & nude lip.

Has anyone else specifically tried this look~?? It almost seems like it could appear too subtle to be noticeably GAL...
& it's very sweet-looking. not good for me since I already look 12 years old LOL.

Actually like it a lot & have been wearing it a bit.
The effect is much different with grey/blue circle lens; the brown is surprisingly much lovelier;
More contouring & dark liner is still a preferred style though~ (PS:MYNEWHAIRCOLOUR)

Gives more of an edge, especially for round features (what it's for, actually).
Will work on getting better lighting/photos of make.

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