Sunday, February 7, 2010


loverrboy is a newer GAL & design blog for VALENTINE.
it's under construction. it will probably be under construction for ever.
been on the net for a long time, on the gal scene & in gyaru-sa since 2006.
i helped co-lead & build up the gyarusa CALULU LOVELIES
& am now a part of first generation sexy sexy *DIAMOND*.
nice to meet you ♥
been on blogger since 2008, thought i'd use it as a blank canvas for new design/GAL indulgement.
hoping to get to know a lot more GALs worldwide here.

as an intro, copied & pasted a style update i did in winter ***
& i'm giving an intro so you're not creeped out when i add you ;D


i am not a pink-&-pearls kinda GAL at all.
need something more reflective of myself/moods.

.personal tastes using model inspiration-------------**
make-hair. KEI / LIE, SAYOKO** ; ---(wtf name change?)
style-wise. SAYOKO, NONOKA** ♥ ;
attitude. HOSHIAYA**
idol. HIROMI ENDO** @ http://gimlet.jp

find VALENTINE ( & *DIAMOND* ) here also !!