Saturday, February 20, 2010


february 13th, met up with Michi & Tricia to talk to some people about potentially sponsoring.
had dinner~ noticing that a lot of Thai restaurants in LA are different from
the ones in San Francisco in that 95% of the ones i've found are Thai-Chinese cuisine.
not bad, just different. had three-flavour shrimp & scallops. *love* scallops but
can never order them because the hubby gets sick. like...projectile vomiting XO too much?
following, there was a party @ purikura shop PIKA*PIKA, where we met up w/Cici
& tons of other GALs i hadn't expected to be there, but was SO SO glad to finally meet ♥♥♥
.............stole most of these photos from the other GALs >3 thanks, ladies.
mostly looks like style shots--didn't find too many of the party/venue itself.

loli cass & jen, just back from nihon raids, lol

MET DOLLY & MIE! + molesting my idol

Basically, quite upset with myself. Work on my personal style with make & hair
so often, seems everytime it's a night for purikura or a meet, I always end up looking
'cute' or 12... very very frustrating.... especially when my idols are the holinesses
of Hoshiaya, Kei/Lie, Sayoko, Hiromi Endo... so making it a MAD MISSION to amp
my style towards sexy "tough & cool" (GIMLET concept).... maybe if i had darker hair...?

ALSO. big THANKYOU for the sweet comment from AmaRina about my blogger comments....
apologies for not being able to comment, especially since i've been hoping to get
to know some lovely ladies on here. the comments thing is on a very long list of
things wrong with this specific template that i spent days modifying.......GRRRR....
will fix.

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