Wednesday, September 1, 2010

long.time.no.post ♥ ♥ product review. ☆**.

I get more followers from NOT POSTING THAN POSTING, HAHA ♥
But instead of taking a hint!, I am going to continue my return with an update~
So much has been going on for me & for my gyarusa since Sisen-&-Moon.Kana.
So have some catching up to do.

Been getting a lot of questions/remarks mostly on my hair colour from lots of GALs ~
I've had my fair share of orange-bleached hair & really warm yellows.
Also got really tired of having the bright yellow hair that EVERYONE in LA has ...
Case in point :

So I finally bleached a final time a while ago & got the hair REALLY pale ♥

Obviously over time it started to yellow to a highlighter colour again.
Finally decided to go all the way & tone down to a grey-ash, inspired by
AINA TANAKA, who I always think of when considering silver-grey hair.

When first dyed, it was a pretty dark ash colour, like a big GREY wig....
expecting the colour would lighten/fade, which it did finally.
& plenty of GALs have super warm dyed hair, but since not that many rock the ASH
look, was dying to go for it ♥ ♥

SO, if you want to MAINTAIN YOUR ASH/BLONDE, & keep it from getting brassy,
my latest personal experiment has been :


Use this as a maintenance treatment than actual toner developer.
Blonde hair tends to oxidize over time, turning what may have been subtle hints of
yellow in your pale locks to a strikingly undesirable brassiness.
Purple shampoo leaves colour deposits on your hair that help to cancel out
the YELLOWNESS since purple is on the other side of the color spectrum as yellow.
Definitely softens the colour~ but the shampoo is only effective/noticeable on already paled blonde & silver hair--
I can personally confirm a bigger difference, obviously, on the lighter parts
of my hair than on the "dark blonde" shades. & THIS:

(compare to first photo).

Spent days reading review after review, but the most helpful were found on
Never be afraid to do a little bit of research (or a crack load ;D )
Majority reviewers concurred that after a lenthy toning treatment, the hair was
left harsh & less nourished/moisturized than desirable, but the colour was like
coming out of a fresh dye job. Some have experienced negative effects,
however, like super pale hair turning blue. So please try whichever maintenance
treatment is best for your blonde ☆ ☆ ☆

Think once my hair takes a break, I'll go back to the big grey wig look again XD

make-up preview from ALOHA!GAL-IFORNIA event.

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