Friday, September 24, 2010

trashy vs. classy --- old generation vs. new

aside from blonde & weight loss , gals tend to ask me about how the scene has changed , probably because i'm an old granny , but mostly since i've been involved in the western [ particularly american ] gal community since about 2006 when i joined & co-led the 2nd ever ( online ) western circle ★ CALULU LOVELIES ★ . from then until now , i am an active observer . let me tell you , you think gyaru-secrets & everyday-gal are harsh ; back then it was CUT-THROAT .

nowadays tons of new girls flood into the communities everyday with a touch of white make-up & XXI dresses & get by . back then , everyone tumbled into the GANGURO communities in leis from Halloween stores , white paint , & "every man for themselves" attitudes . the community was TINY . everyone knew everyone who posted & dominated the communities , there was a healthy helping of bashing from elitists that the gal community hardly tolerates now , new people weren't really that welcome & were mocked as "cosplayers", & this because there was no mention of JELLY or AGEHA , but everyone knew KAA-TAN & found their way to GAL through ganguro & yamanba . see how many people can answer when you ask them who KAA-TAN was now .

GAL has really grown up from its ganguro & yamanba days , as much in America as in Japan . there is something remarkably more sophisticated about not just the clothes , but make-up techniques for particular contour & shape of your face ( for Japanese girls to look "western" , & for western girls to look GAL ) , & hair-treating techniques . open your old EGG magazines from only 2-3 years ago , & blonde hair was orange & yellow at best , make-up in bolder colours but still less dramatic of a lash & eye effect . the best of gyaru fashion was pretty much clubwear . the perfection of today was a dream back then , when hair that was bleached , coloured & teased to death was the norm for acceptance , as well as the faux-tan look to contrast the white & black raccoon look that painted your face . summarily , there is a refinement in taste , hair styling & make-up ; the girls in the ameri-gal community want to be beautiful GAL dolls instead of the wild "rebels" of before .

to overly-generalize , gal in japan is now massively produced everywhere ; finding coordinates in america is also much easier since the ameri-gal scene moved away from yamanba & started following the more "chic & fashionable" model of gal style today . but PUTTING coordinates together is an altogether different story from being able to find the pieces . as already mentioned , your basic mall shop like XXI carries tons & tons of easily gal pieces ; but when posted in everyday-gal , these outfits don't necessarily come alive . they are too safe , too average , lacking perhaps a true eye for accessories & coordinating or the total package of hair , make & nails that really define GAL apart from average western fashion & can make even the most "casual" outfits still scream GAL . many forget that their "casual" outfits are not "casual GAL" outfits , that even on a lazy day , there is something about the whole presentation that must fall into the space of what is GAL for it to be considered such .

i am merely pointing out what i believe to be "safe" fashion , the fashion that has drawn in hundreds+ of girls who believe "gal" & "kawaii" fashion is just merely looking cute ( & some not even knowing why people keep talking about japan in these communities ) believing that their XXI outfit & unstyled hair & "natural" make automatically renders them applause & acceptance into the GAL community , only to be disappointed by less than fanfare . but there are also gals who have seen what gal straight from shibuya looks like ( outside of the sweet Liz Lisa , Tralala , Cecil McBee variety ) : big perfectly curled wigs , long dazzling agejo hostess dresses , huge "tranny" thigh-high boots , layers & layers & layers & layers ..... & then even more layers of make-up , head-to-toe BRAND , garters & thigh-highs , booty shorts & microskirts . but for the girls who attempt to pull off those looks here , or who admire the looks of brands like MA*RS , or who choose to wear more make-up than the average , they're faced with the issue of being called hookers & drag queens : "TRASHY", is the word . think of how many ridiculous secrets have called ASHLEY a hooker or prostitute for getting GAL style down to a science . even my own circle has been called "trashy" for make-up & fishnets while out partying , as opposed to what we actually do & the kind of girls we are . instead of seeing more than popteen frills or the too-casual "mode" that flies under the radar , critics forget it's also these sexual & stunning girls that stand out the most , scream GAL , draw the attention & admiration for their supreme confidence , & reflect best the difference between being a western girl & being a western GAL .....

i've no resolution to this thought , really . it only occurred to me as i was preparing to post on the brand CHEER that I began to consider what an obvious GAL brand it was , though perhaps for american gals , too "trashy" .


  1. I have a lot to learn from you Val, need to chit chat more, really do.

  2. I'm pretty new to Gal, but I still feel disappointed at how toned down Gal has become, and how few Western Gals take the style all the way anymore. I've seen pictures of Western Gals from only two years ago, and I can still see a big change.

    I wish western Gals would care less about being up to the minute and just go for it!

  3. This is my first time reading your blog. Great op-ed. I have to agree on your points about Western gyaru basically playing it safe. I come from an onee point of view, but I still remember when I was a lot more racy. I think I'm too old for trashy, but back in the day? Oh man. I was tall, fit and half-dressed with my knickers damn near showing! I think part of the gyaru spirit requires courage.

  4. A loooong god damn amen to this post XD
    I think that gals shouldn't be afraid og being wild and sexy! I love the older gal styles, I come from an alternative(goth, cyber and lolita) point of view, so my dress style was already crazy before I really got into gyaru!

  5. wow this was a very insightful well thought out article. it put some things in perspective for me but i'm so glad you posted it. i'm a new follower so this makes me look forward to more of your posts.

  6. amen twin!!! wholeheartedly agree! :) <3 i miss you <3<3<3 lots..im in class right now making a quick comment<3