Tuesday, November 16, 2010

MINNIE x MUSE ♥ ♥ tiny bit of promo info & photos .

someone PLEASE tell me my feed works now >0>
basically i read that too much faulty coding can prevent a blog to syndicate
properly , so after sacrificing my arduous layout & coding , i'm settling for this
U.U haven't had the chance yet to design a new header , but i have a lot of spunky
sexy ideas , hope you will like it when it is done !!

Forever 21 hosts a MINNIE MUSE launch party tonight to
celebrate its first celebrity muse Forever 21 TWIST collaboration starring
super-girly ( & super stylish ;D ) MINNIE MOUSE

With the launch party tonight , I couldn't resist but read up on the inspiration
behind the concept . The line is inspired by the designer's/Minnie Mouse's fashion
journeys through major metropolises & fashion capitals like London , Tokyo , &
Paris . She imagines the girls that wear the new line to be much like the American
icon that inspired it : girly , wholesome , but totally fun-loving . Special art &
design for Minnie have been freshly produced to present a long-legged & glamorously
coy Mouse that's never been presented before . Since some of her favourite trends
this season are bows & polka dots , the Disney icon makes the perfect celeb muse to
embrace the fashion season & upcoming holidays ♥ Stationary & gift items will also
be available with the launch of the new line .

if they're selling BOW & EARS THIS BIG , I'd be the first , pre-order XD

We already know Minnie is an incredibly popular icon in GYARU fashion , so
hopefully XXI will offer an easy & super-cute motif to add to your coordinates .
They already have a lot of items released & available to view ; but I do hope they
take a bolder & louder approach to this character collaboration .

Does anyone else have any more information regarding the MINNIE MUSE TWIST ?

I also want to extend a BIG BIG THANK-YOU to my followers !
especially those that were open with my throwback-cutthroat-western-gal-days post .
i've been having so many problems with my feed , so thank you for being patient &
continuing to watch my blog , my gal-circle & the western gal scene (especially in
north america!) . for that , i also hope to plan a giveaway soon . however , i want
it to be a super sweet package which i'll have planned for a special occasion .
just to give my thanks ! if i could , i'd send out a package to everyone & all my friends XDD


  1. I can't wait to see more from this collection too!! If they sell the gigantic ears, I'm going to pre-order with you. xD

  2. im loving the new collection.. can't wait to see it more bolder like you said. although im trying hard to love minnie mouse again because some biter before ruined it for me.. >< grr

    <3 love the new pic too <3

  3. @ TRICIA . Maybe we should just get to making them . They'd never be big enough .

    @ TWIN . Oh nooo XD That's okay , you'll bring it back in style , like you always do ♥ Does rabid biter still rabidly bite ?

  4. They already uploaded most of the collection on forever 21.com.


  5. @ CASS . I know it's winter , but why so much grey ..?

  6. I can't wait for this collection to come out!~ Forever 21 opened their first shop in the UK recently and I'm dying to check it out!~

  7. i actually like the grey, but they really should of added more red and pink in there since those are signature minnie mouse colors :/ but hey, thanks for the lovely comment you left :) and speaking of gorgeous you're quite the doll yourself!