Tuesday, November 16, 2010

[ sanrio ★ 50TH ANNIVERSARY ★ ] parties !

was fortunate enough to be invited to the SANRIO ★ 50TH ANNIVERSARY ★ VIP party ,
but unfortunate enough to miss it ~ definitely will be there next year ! look at YUMENINJA's dress ♥

she is always so unpredictable & puts all her elaborate costuming & outfits together herself .
she is a huge inspiration for me !

but i WAS able to make it to the I ♥ NERDS party !
>0> APPARENTLY the whole night i wore this godawful combover across my face
& my boyfriend didn't tell me because he thought it was "intentionally" NERDY ... LOL

with MIE [ *DIAMOND* ] !

favourite .

artwork by BEI @ beibadgirl
she does the most killer 3d work that really pops off the walls , even pops out of the photo ★

l - met LAURA , a designer I met on facebook ★★
r - can you believe I got him in there XD seconds , please 8D

remember that ROAD RABIES , i warned you about ?
imagine it , in THIS ....

ran into my lovely friends ~ who says GYARU & LOLI can't get along XD


THANKS FOR LOOKING :D love meeting people !!
spent much of the time looking for gyaru-nerds like me XD pun intended ♥
there were so many people at this event , even people i didn't know were going
until afterwards .... if you ever want to meet at an event , don't hesitate to
message me ★ i always show you a good time >DD

hope you enjoyed the eye candy >D !

here is a link for the rest of the SMALL GIFT SANRIO ANNIVERSARY EVENTS happening in LA until Sunday , 21 Novemeber ♥


  1. LOL! Silly Chad :P

    You still looked really hot though!! Like I said, too hot to be a nerd. Even your glasses are all blinged out! xD

  2. Wow, this looked really cool~ So loving that giant yogurt cup, haha.

    Love the outfit too, very sexy ♥

  3. OMG this is so Cool
    I love ur outfit and everything
    the paintings and art are awesome

  4. Oh you are so pretty Valentine, I need more pictures of youuuu! /creepy new fan of yours :D