Saturday, December 11, 2010

ive-sa success in amerika ? ★ some musings ... ★

many of you have already seen, but was intending to share this anyway . endless , endless thanks to ladyli for inviting me to take part in this video with such other iconic gals (who are also my inspiration!) & sharing my view as a western gyaru ★

i am no make-up or hair expert , so whatever opinions or viewpoint i take is often from the point of being in a successful gyaru-sa . there's been questions about how *DIAMOND* manages hater drama , inside drama , criticism, lack of community support , lack of event attendance , lack of financing & funds for events , lack of immediate communication with farther members in a national sa , lack of gross amounts of free/available time XD

what i did not say in the video was , yes , i helped to found *DIAMOND* one starry Sunday night on the walk of fame in hollywood back in july 2008 ; but i also was a developing member of the 2nd officially announced gyaru-sa in the states back in 2006 , calulu lovelies . the climate of gal-circles was much different back then . the interest in gal was raw , based primarily on the more extreme styles of kaa-tan's yamanba , romanba , ANGELEEK banba & manba , extreme himegyaru as the definitive & alternative contrast , & orange skin & hair for gyaru as seen in EGG magazines , bgyaru & the myth of bibinba ; & exposure was limited to other people's trips to japan , magazines , jp blogs , some exposure to parapara , videos online ; though the circulation on this was quite limited , & hardly as vast as the networks of FB , tumblr , blogger , twitter & youtube have allowed media & info to spark like wildfire this & last year . most of the gal-circles were online , & RELENTLESS criticism consistently bashed these groups as internet circles .

so in this infant stage of american gyarusa-dom , style & offline activity were the key points of legitimizing your gyaru-sa as authentic ----what are absolute musts for western gyaru-sa today some 3 years later . so when people ask me how *DIAMOND* has managed to take off / stay together / have somewhat successful meets , it hasn't always been so . i was stuck in this internet stage of gal-circle-dom from about 2006-2009 . out of 18 collective members in calulu lovelies from maryland (katsu-n ♥) , california (val, gara, parit, later michi), indiana (kaizo) , pennsylvania (xiao) , texas (jenn), new jersey (gina) , florida (ashley, chris, lacy) , michigan (later members) , washington (bambi) , new york (rin-hime ♥) , in 2008 , only 4 members actually made it across the country---actually , i was the only one who made it across the country to visit the eastern gals---for a meet at otakon in baltimore , where we met the illustrious Iffy-tan of BT . i had spent 5+ hundreds on this trip , screwing up & refixing the dates of my flight mostly ; but the point made is that even at this stage , you were either desperate to prove your circle & fly across the country for a simple meet at a convention with 3 other members , or you were stuck online spending your free time browsing pictures of ANGELEEK & fighting / engrossed in the bashing going on against your circle . i chose the former , & have done so ever since . i don't feel any nobler by it . am i saying that everyone can spend ludicrous amounts of money on a whim for something like this , whether void or profound in purpose ? no . would they even want to ? do i find it irrational & completely unreasonable spending such an exorbitant amount of money for something , in retrospect , futile ? i'm hardly an idealist /fanatic & hardly recommend anyone do the same , even now . mind you , i'm not rich either , with disposable amounts of cash ; i don't come from money , pay rent & thousands of other bills like anyone else , slave away full-time , & have been on my own for about 5 years now . i am not sure what ambition it is that drives me to spend money to coordinate events & work with sponsors & produce these nights at venues with my gals & make this national gyaru-sa happen instead of being in a nago-sa , as so many beautiful & successful circles are (many of my idols belong to these modelesque nago's as well) . but , since we are talking about event-sa , financial commitment & avoidance of online drama are two pillars that have today made our current gyaru-sa somewhat successful as a national circle .

The luxury of "being together" in a place is simply not the only reason for success . many people say "we don't have the resources" as though these things have just fallen into our lap . GYARU as a fashion or general pop culture is still a very , very small chip that has yet to crack its name into the j-fashion world we've imported into america. many events at conventions , vending & shops are still tailored to the heavily established lolita & vkei genres . it takes dedication , a lot of heartbreak , a lot of perseverance , & a lot of balls to start establishing the gyaru-connections and syncing the wires to spark the scene to life here . even if gyaru has been normalized commercially in japan , it still hasn't swept the american j-fashion scene , despite the influx on "newbies" we see float into everyday-gyaru every week . this is why in the video i ask that we support local events as well as overseas brands & products , difficult to obtain though they may be (though quite easy compared to 2006-2008) . the more we support the scene here , the more we can indulge in taking part in doing what we love . yes , not everyone wants to hang out in a gyaru-sa or go to the gyaru event or sit around talking about gyaru-ness ; but there is a large portion of gals that would love , even once , to live that image of sitting among your circle , feeling at home with people you've never met across the country because you're all connected by your love for a concept abstract to this country's projected pop culture & a passion representative of the fun of another life & another place across the ocean that you would still like to call home for the void that it fills in the everyday mundanaeity of routine and culture in the states . no one should be made to feel stupid for wanting camaraderie over such a thing or considering it a 'lifestyle' or a part of their life if they take it beyond the fashion & make it that way . it can be either lifestyle or fashion , depending what the individual creates of it .

O_o went on a tangent .


  1. I really enjoyed your input into the Gaijin Gyaru video, you really convey your passion for the style, especially with your confidence tip.

    Great post over all :)

  2. You've really come a long way, Val!! You have so much experience in dealing with circles, and I'm really happy to be in the same one as you! I still remember the first time I met you and Michi and you both were talking about making your own circle. Look at where you're at now!! You truly are an inspiration. Keep doin' what you do! ♥