Tuesday, November 16, 2010

MINNIE x MUSE ♥ ♥ tiny bit of promo info & photos .

someone PLEASE tell me my feed works now >0>
basically i read that too much faulty coding can prevent a blog to syndicate
properly , so after sacrificing my arduous layout & coding , i'm settling for this
U.U haven't had the chance yet to design a new header , but i have a lot of spunky
sexy ideas , hope you will like it when it is done !!

Forever 21 hosts a MINNIE MUSE launch party tonight to
celebrate its first celebrity muse Forever 21 TWIST collaboration starring
super-girly ( & super stylish ;D ) MINNIE MOUSE

With the launch party tonight , I couldn't resist but read up on the inspiration
behind the concept . The line is inspired by the designer's/Minnie Mouse's fashion
journeys through major metropolises & fashion capitals like London , Tokyo , &
Paris . She imagines the girls that wear the new line to be much like the American
icon that inspired it : girly , wholesome , but totally fun-loving . Special art &
design for Minnie have been freshly produced to present a long-legged & glamorously
coy Mouse that's never been presented before . Since some of her favourite trends
this season are bows & polka dots , the Disney icon makes the perfect celeb muse to
embrace the fashion season & upcoming holidays ♥ Stationary & gift items will also
be available with the launch of the new line .

if they're selling BOW & EARS THIS BIG , I'd be the first , pre-order XD

We already know Minnie is an incredibly popular icon in GYARU fashion , so
hopefully XXI will offer an easy & super-cute motif to add to your coordinates .
They already have a lot of items released & available to view ; but I do hope they
take a bolder & louder approach to this character collaboration .

Does anyone else have any more information regarding the MINNIE MUSE TWIST ?

I also want to extend a BIG BIG THANK-YOU to my followers !
especially those that were open with my throwback-cutthroat-western-gal-days post .
i've been having so many problems with my feed , so thank you for being patient &
continuing to watch my blog , my gal-circle & the western gal scene (especially in
north america!) . for that , i also hope to plan a giveaway soon . however , i want
it to be a super sweet package which i'll have planned for a special occasion .
just to give my thanks ! if i could , i'd send out a package to everyone & all my friends XDD

[ sanrio ★ 50TH ANNIVERSARY ★ ] parties !

was fortunate enough to be invited to the SANRIO ★ 50TH ANNIVERSARY ★ VIP party ,
but unfortunate enough to miss it ~ definitely will be there next year ! look at YUMENINJA's dress ♥

she is always so unpredictable & puts all her elaborate costuming & outfits together herself .
she is a huge inspiration for me !

but i WAS able to make it to the I ♥ NERDS party !
>0> APPARENTLY the whole night i wore this godawful combover across my face
& my boyfriend didn't tell me because he thought it was "intentionally" NERDY ... LOL

with MIE [ *DIAMOND* ] !

favourite .

artwork by BEI @ beibadgirl
she does the most killer 3d work that really pops off the walls , even pops out of the photo ★

l - met LAURA , a designer I met on facebook ★★
r - can you believe I got him in there XD seconds , please 8D

remember that ROAD RABIES , i warned you about ?
imagine it , in THIS ....

ran into my lovely friends ~ who says GYARU & LOLI can't get along XD


THANKS FOR LOOKING :D love meeting people !!
spent much of the time looking for gyaru-nerds like me XD pun intended ♥
there were so many people at this event , even people i didn't know were going
until afterwards .... if you ever want to meet at an event , don't hesitate to
message me ★ i always show you a good time >DD

hope you enjoyed the eye candy >D !

here is a link for the rest of the SMALL GIFT SANRIO ANNIVERSARY EVENTS happening in LA until Sunday , 21 Novemeber ♥