Monday, January 17, 2011


A couple Saturdays ago we went to see Devil's Playground in the ANIME BABES Burlesque Show @ BORDELLO (www.bordellobar.com)

Decided we are classy because, despite wearing nothing, we are wearing blazers over nothing. Twins by opposite: she with dark hair & black blazer, me with ash blonde & white suit jacket. We are mistaken for underage escorts. Well, maybe that's no mistake.

Julie knows one of the burlesque starlettes. We have polished our social etiquette to be charming;
thusly, I charm the photographer, who is charmed by Julie.
He wears a bowler hat with a coat printed like a carpet-bag.
We run into him throughout the night; or rather, he runs about, in & out like a leprechaun.
He takes photos with my cheap camera. Well it's not cheap, it was downright free.
He disappears to fix it. He has no idea what he is doing.
He has promoted himself from flirting to rubbing our backs.

The bouncer is a dramatic extreme for a door-checker; he wears his long shiny black hair pulled back into a polished ponytail, a trim black suit hugging him head to toe. He rolls his R's, he has successfully tagged himself as the quintessential 'Latin lover'. Julie is first. I get a look at his face. He doesn't acknowledge me. Smooth words from smiling lips. I am standing there a long time for being ignored. Now I get a turn. My ID is next. A good look in my face. Some flirtation to go with it.
"They'll start performing soon!"
"When does the bar start performing?"

After one drink in one sip, I order a shot & cocktail for a chaser.
I tip the brunette instead of the blonde.
After one sip, Julie is drunk.

Four to five people are staring down at Julie as she claims the whole couch by filling only 1/8th of it. "My friend is sitting there."
I'm back. "I'm sitting there."
They want to share, but wouldn't be able to all sit by themselves anyway. They are looking at me, but talking to vodka; vodka replies: "LET'S FIT."
The platinum blonde sits down at the end. Julie squeezes into the other end. Julie is as thin as a number-two pencil. I attempt likewise, but I'm more like a fat sharpie. The largest guy sits down; he sinks into the hole I was drowning in earlier. The skinny guy sits on my lap, which I offered. As a joke.
The platinum blonde also gets one in her lap; how'd she get the hot guy?
Large man, with suggestive eye, suggests I sit on his lap instead. "I'll probably break you," say I. I am at least 50 lbs. less than him in weight & height.
Skinny says I'm comfortable, wiggles his hips into me.
Large man looks like he wants to try again. Says something I immediately forget.
Skinny is bouncing on my lap.
Large man says something I forget again, or never heard.
I don't remember them leaving?
But I remember sitting on the floor beside Julie instead.

Latin Lover is outside recycling his smiles and kisses, rubbing his cologne on someone else's Versace. "Ladies, where you going???"


  1. i love you!!! such eloquence, except for that part of you being a fat sharpie - definitely not you!


    love love

  2. Wow, the photos' quality is terrible! xD
    Looks like those random photos you find of celebs where they apparently do drugs behind closed doors.. xD haha

  3. HAHA. The lighting, the lighting. You'd think the photographer would have been able to help us out >0> but maybe there -are- things to be hidden there, like you said.

  4. awww i love u and ur blog! its awesome! ;3 just followed u ^3^