Friday, January 21, 2011

GANTZ --- Live-Action Global Premier -- QUIKK REVIEW .

Last night was a date with the hubbie to see the GANTZ! Live-Action Global Premier. Saw it @ Universal CityWalk & we showed up incredibly early thinking there'd be a line wrapped around the theatre 8D ....... ........ but no D8 ?

ADAPTATION. needed more ecchi. >o> but with respect to audience & viewership universality .... it can slide XD

Obviously what was most pleasing is that Japanese cinema doesn't have the same tendency as Hollywood movies to turn stories like these into over-explosive, switch-scenes-every-3-seconds action flicks. The pace of the movie stayed loyal to the pace of both the manga & the anime: very slow, with all attention paid to character development, expression & motion. Anyone who has read the manga knows how lengthy & drawn-out the scenes & exchanges between characters are, & the art really captures every second of a character's thoughts & their consequent changes in reactionary facial expressions & twitches.

COSTUMING/DESIGN. Aside from the pace, the costuming & CG of the ALIENS was also done really well; just about exact to the art you viewed in the manga & anime both, with no effect or make-up as 'too fake' or trying too hard to make the design more than what it needed to be.

CASTING. & KEI KURONO'S CHARACTER. I don't know anything about Arashi or Kazunari Ninomiya prior to what I've seen in GANTZ. Kei Kurono's movie character seemed to be the one I felt most iffy about---mostly because I think I had anticipated him to be more of a perverted, teenage lowlife delinquent than the way he was portrayed, which seemed more of simply an unsuccessful, lack-of-presence job-striving individual (I hadn't finished the released manga so maybe I missed something here). The character, in the context of the movie, however, didn't take away from the consistency of the storyline; & aside from that, I thought the casting was done impeccably well, ESPECIALLY in the case of Kato Masaru & Joichiro Nishi.

ONE CHARACTER I DID MISS , THOUGH : INU T______________________T LOL

thanks for reading 8DD i would so cosplay that $5000 leather suit everyday like nobody's business .


  1. I wanna see it too!! T__T And omg, that dog hahahaha!! I've never read the manga or watched the anime before, but it looks very interesting~ I heard from Dolly that they dubbed it though?! That sucks.. D:

  2. OMG VAL, I love how you look in the very last picture!!! My new 2nd favorite picture of you. :3 The 1st is the solo picture of you on the chair taken by LA Weekly. ;D

    I missed the dog too... added some needed humor!

  3. Did you read the manga? It's probably my most favorite series of all time :P
    Can't wait to see the LA xD