Friday, January 28, 2011

old-school gyaru style & val gal's make update .

If someone tells you that you don't need "big curly blonde hair", a tan, paled lips, etc. to be GAL ............ ............they are absolutely right >o>
(& actually, it seems nowadays there is a LOT of contempt towards this look as a gyaru standard...sad.)
But doesn't mean you can't rock the old-school gyaru look anyway!

basic formula. pale hair + pale lips + pale eyes + pale highlighter + contrasting tan 8D

COCONA is a huge style idol for me. To get this look, these are my musts:
1. ash / light blonde hair
2. tan!
(though this is natural for me)
3. light green / blue / grey circle lens
4. 3 pairs of lashes of considerable height
5. highlighter on eyes, cheeks, nose (contour)
6. nude / light pink lips
7. heavy darker shade blush
8. glitter eyeliner (usually gold)

Probably biased because I got into gyaru back in 2005 when the definition of gal was based on the ever-popular extremes of ganguro & yamanba. The magazines like EGG made it a rowdy, colourful, sexy, but WEARABLE street style as well, & then of course back then majority of the active people online were obsessed with Kaa-tan, 渡辺かおる Watanabe Kaoru, 吉田夏海 Yoshida Natsumi, & Angeleek for the more extreme. I even wore some very flamboyant banba-style make-up & hair for the entire first sophomore semester at my university (University of San Francisco). The receiving crowd was extremely discouraging, but there were the few who would approach & actually give me kudos for having balls---SWEET >0>

THE POINT IS---I still really like the relative extremes/difference of those styles, even though sexier & 'prettier' styles like agejou, sexy onee, koakuma, amekaji (& even still sometimes himegyaru) styles have evolved as the majority of gyaru-style preference, at least in the western world, I'd say. There's something about the aesthetic of the pale hair, pale lips, pale eyes, with the tan that I still find 'wild & sexy'----& I'm not talking about looking like sunburnt beach barbie trash >0>

If I'm not doing a more exaggerated look, my gal style doesn't even come off distinctly gyaru. Especially in photos, even my most extreme make just looks gyaru at best, even if I look like an alien in person. I know it's all in the application & me not getting the look down, but I can't seem to get it right.

I actually just really like looking unnatural.

Could be more extreme like this though.


  1. I love the look! Your cocona look is the boom! just love it ne!!

    xoxo emimarie~

  2. This style is really hot, reminds me a lot of how the AV gals are, and I absolutely love them.

    You really rock this style, I just wish more girls would give it a try :/

  3. I really like the old gyaru style mostly because of the tan :O i really like tanned skin <3

  4. I am so in love with this style ~ especially the make up! Stealing pics to store for inspiration, ok?

    (also thank you so much for you blog posts!! I love reading your opinions because they are so...er, well rounded? They make sense and sound intelligent (probably because they are from experience). I also really appreciate the lessons you sometimes post!! so informative!!)

  5. i LOVE Cocona's make up and style <3
    And i do agree, not having really heavy make up on just makes me look less flashy and less gal , but just black girl with some liner in my opinion.

  6. I couldn't agree more. I do love where gal style has gone but I am also biased to the tan gals.

  7. Agreed! That recent light make up trend is like making gyaru look close to a regular fashionista, but japanese one. It's like when we, westerns, are not using heavy make up we look like a normal too dressy girl. XD

  8. yes yes I feel you on that women! n_n man.I LOVE COCONA!!!!!!! she is the shit!

  9. totally loving this look! definitely feel that way about the eye makeup, i totally love the "unnatural" look.. i need to learn how to make mine stand out more like yours.. ahhh cocona, i gotta find more pics of her! need inspiration!!! XD

    i miss the old Egg as well.. damn i miss Watanabe Kaoru

  10. @EMI. Aa---thank you so much, especially since I'm quite fond of your make style these days also.

    @EDEN. Agreed, the AV Gals really represent that quintessential GYARU look that really distinguished it apart from other j-styles. I wish they would also, but feel like, as mentioned, too many associate the tans-with-light-hair with the burnt beach/trailer park trash look.

    @MARIA. It's very distinguishing. I know it's not required for gyaru anymore, but when I see the tan, can't help but feel it adds to the authenticity of it. Stands out as gyaru even more.

    @NIKKI. STEAL AWAY. That is very kind of you to say, I hope to contribute something, however small, to the amegal comm. Also following you, lady, please post more.

    @LISHA. Cocona has that extremity where people either love her or hate her. Agreed; western gals must be ambitious, fine line between average & gyaru.

    @NAMI. Makes it sexy & distinguished!

    @AKIZUKI. Precisely. For western gals, the line between being a 'regular' fashionable girl & a fashionable gal is too thin; often the style gets muddled & may be misleading for newer gals who may mistake it as something it's not, which has been a large complaint in the community in the past.

    @MICHI. Represent!

    @ICHIGO. I've "been gyaru" for at least 4-5 years now, & quite honestly I've never been really happy with my make until the last 6 months............. You're a Kaoru fan ? I didn't know XD

  11. Wow it's so awesome to get your point of view for someone who's seen the trends in gyaru style. I only got into gyaru this year!! >.<

    I'm going to be following your blog :)