Wednesday, February 2, 2011


i'm so excited for ★ ANAP LOS ANGELES店5TH ANNIVERSARY!!
18.FEBRUARY @ J LOUNGE [ 1119 S. Olive Street, Los Angeles, CA 90015 / www.jloungela.com ]
MORE DETAILS LATER ★ ★ hit me up to meet if you want to come with ♥

as already witnessed across a couple other DIAMOND blogs, we had some business to take care of last saturday >0> details to be released in time... so how about some photos to satisfy the meanwhile 8D ?? i stole a couple of them U.U thanks, ladies XD

3 photos credit---TRICIA ★

avacado tuna don ♥ & udon

1 photo credit---MICHI

been wanting to start a food blog for a couple years now. my boyfriend (foodie date) & i are both under the TAURUS sign. normally i don't quote astrology, but one thing people forget about a Taurus is we love fine food, fine drink, fine surroundings--& i always add fine company ;] anyways, as you know i'm pursuing my MA as a literary critic, i may have to train to become a food critic as well XD tons of photos i've been meaning to share. i wouldn't mind sharing the weight i've put on either T________________T


  1. Awwww you girls look pretty and so dollish and so mangaish....
    And come on girl, you are not fat! You look
    perfect :) x~

  2. ...I was just thinking of that the other day xD; Like "what if Diamond ever did perform parapara?" lololo

  3. @ MEI. Haha. Would really love to just become a doll completely, one day. I've really put on a lot of weight though... would like to be perfect. Thanks for stopping by, I love your blog & all the pretty goods *0*

    @AMANI. O YE OF LITTLE FAITH !! It would be a comedy. Don't think you'll convince them to keep it up any time soon. Though I've been trying to coerce Mie into training 8D As for myself, pretty into trapara & techpara; been meaning to get to filming some.

  4. im curious to know what this secret is ;3
    cant wait till you reveal it♥♥

    diamond gals are the sexiest ^ o ^
    i really love how all your hair colors are different~!!
    && omg i want udon now ; - ;♥

  5. Saturday was a lot of fun. I'm sorry I had to jet off early. ^^

  6. damnit i had a nice comment and right when i was about to post it, my computer froze.. bahh

    but gahhhh jealous jealous jealous!!!

    ...... i miss all of you gals...you all be looking fabulous!!! its my fault that i am here and you are all there! and arghhhh twin, you always tend to look like a sparkly jewel firefly, you must tell me where you got your sparkley blingey oufit..? please, because i am your twin! hahaha

    i love the extra oomph in your eyemakeup lately too, very seductive killer gal eyes.. i guess im not worthy to be your twin ;_;

  7. Why is my mouth open while para para? Thats disturbing...

    Thanks for the photos Val!!!!!

  8. I DO NOT LIKE PARA!!!!! LOL I like seeing people doing it .... ha ha anyways I guess im going with u to the ANAP thing~ n_n

  9. I totally love you girls!!
    u are amaziiing ><
    Are my fav galsa, for suree <3

  10. @HAYLEY. To be honest, I can't believe we still haven't met o_o JOIN US XD you will add to our sparkley rainbow. Take you out for udon ;p

    @MANDIE. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR COMING O_O We can always rely on your taste in style ♥ I'm trying to make it this Saturday to Round 1 ♥♥♥

    @ICHIGO. LIES! Everytime I see a new photo of you, I mourn how we are no longer twins ;n; you have far surpassed me in beauty & taste ._. ps---I heard you & Dolly get mistaken as sisters also, haha.

    @MIE. That's the least disturbing thing that happened all day.

    @MICHI. KEEP PRACTICING 8D you have a natural talent for it, it is in you 8D

    @MIYUNI. Thank you, that is so kind of you to say, especially considering what a fashion-forward circle Hysterical is ♥ ♥ Nice to meet you also ♥

  11. @ICHIGO. Almost forgot. OUTFIT:

    corset top - XXI ; silver & black tiered skirt - WS ; strapped black belt - WS ; tights - some fetish shop ; blingey garter - some fetish shop

    ....NEED BRAND.

  12. Omg, the ANAP thing sounds fun! Maybe I can go with you guys? ^^ ♥

    Awww, looking at these photos makes me miss everyone already!! T__T Every time I see you it's for "business" or events. xD We need to hang out with no other obligations sometime! Hopefully at the ANAP event~ ♥

  13. you look so amazing! ♥♥♥
    is there a parapara video of you too? *O*

  14. You and your circle are AMAZING!!! <3 <3

  15. Looks like you had so much fun and the food looks so tasty! Haha, I love you hair! ^-^

  16. awesome pics~
    ilove the parapara-pic :3

  17. OH, CUTIEEE!! I love your style!! Your outfit rocks *W* Absolutely love it!

    And your make-up and hair is so good too!!

    Nice to meet you!!

    And you guys have a nice style!

    Kisses from Spain!!

  18. @ TRICIA. Can't wait to go, hopefully they'll have a nice surprise for the occasion.

    @ RUI. Aaa wow , thank you so much , that is very sweet. Unfortunately there is no video of the circle -yet- XD Personally want to film some trapara myself though. But I want a male partner :O

    @ EMILY. Aa thank you , that is very kind of you to say ♥ ♥


    @ HIKI. NO *_* YOU !!

    @ CHECHI. But Chechi , I am your biggest fan XDDD ♥♥

    @ AUDREY. Food is always a special occasion, haha . Thank you , that is very nice of you ♥


    @ GYARU MIKA. It is a rare gem XD Someday, perhaps, I will get these gals into formation again.

    @ AKI & CHELSEA. Aa, thank you, very nice to meet you also. I am following your blog ♥ the Spanish GALs have great style, thanks for taking the time to leave me a comment ♥