Monday, March 7, 2011

[ kiwiberry review ] ☆ ☆ . LASH #7 . & . CUBE GREY circle lens . & accesories haul ++

such with always being busy , comes laziness on free time U.U so apologies to followers & also , so so so nice to meet you ♥ xoxo .
hopefully posting something of slight interest . week ago i got my order from a place i think i heard about from dolly

. www.kiwiberry1-collection.com .

website & shipping service. the website itself is quite easy to navigate . i haven't ordered lenses in a long time , so i thought the selection was pretty good , a little overwhelming with so many pairs , & not every pair of course has the ideal image available . customer galleries , however , are very comprehensive (though sometimes i felt like some pairs were not labeled clearly enough) . luckily , if you're feeling overwhelmed there is a 15% discount for new customers , a buy- 5- get- the- 6th- free deal , & another 15% discount for submitting a review to definitely welcome you , haha . i was pretty miffed when my desired boxes of lashes were sold out (#11 , #4 & #5) but obviously understandable XD i ended up getting #7 & #3 ..... uou

anyways , their shipping ETA from vancouver , ca is 6-15 business days for CA & USA , 9-20 business days for INT'L . paid through paypal on february 9th & received my package february 28th , little less than 2.5 weeks .

inspired by light spring colours , i also went on a mini accessory binge from a shop down the street . it is to be continued >o>

lash #7 & #3. just looking at them sitting in the box , you can see how short they are . i never mind how black or plastic lashes look , but they're a bit on the short size (i kind of have naturally long lashes) so the most they contribute is a style . nonetheless , the bones on lashes like these are always both durable & flexible , but inevitably , you may double or triple up! length. 5/10. volume. 5/10. comfort. 9/10. durability. 8/10.

as you can see , the $2 pairs i got in my haul compensate for that length & volume i prefer . but in terms of durability , they don't last as long .

pink. g&g super nudy pink!!
blue. max candy dolly blue!!
grey. cube grey **

today i will be reviewing the compellingly dramatic CUBE GREY as worn in the opening photo.

& of course , a dramatic photo or ten 8D

effect . EXTREMELY DRAMATIC . you will not get away with wearing these without a ton of make-up . the pupils are extremely exaggerated & the pixel-gradient outer ring are obviously extremely unnatural looking. these are either for heavy make-up , cosplay , or tripping shrooms .

colour . nonetheless , the pupil & ring are what make the light grey colour POP! my eyes are the colour brown that's on the threshold of black , so the actual design of the pupil , iris & ring completely cover my own natural eye colour & iris size & create the drama without compromising on vibrancy because my eyes are so dark .

comfort . diameter is at 14.8mm , a bit of a stretch from my usual nudy's at 14mm . nonetheless , they're extremely comfortable . i have not yet worn them longer than 6hrs , however .

conclusion . if you're going for the unnatural , you win . love the lightness of the colour , love the drama of the lens , perfect for extreme gyaru make or just eyes that pop . definitely an unavoidable conversation-starter .

& voila ! there you have it . my new favourite cube greys (tied with nudy golden blue) & Sassi Lash #100 .
can you spot lash #7 ?? PERFECT SIZE FOR BOTTOM FIT 8DDD LOL


pick which lens review next ☆ ☆
super nudy pink!! rewarding pink lens after discriminate shopping ! actually pink , & not brown / violet / muddled colour on dark eyes 8D
max candy doll blue.!! LOVE blue lens , & aptly the most glassy doll-like eyes i've tried .

thank you for reading . xoxo .