Sunday, February 20, 2011

GAL CODE ! ☆ DIAMOND ☆ @ NTV -- Sekai No Kuchikomi Atsumemashita ☆☆

☆ diamond☆ gyaru-sa featured on
our storyline for the show basically highlights our GAL CODE as a gyaru-sa.
I screencapped it for those unable to view <3 The only quality to be found; thank MIE for finding it .

video @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3LDwlhiCrY

We are going to introduce to you an interesting rumor from a gal group in California.
...In the area of Los Angeles appears to be…
Hello, I am the leader of this group Krystina!
California Gal, Galfornia
Inspired by Japanese Gal Culture = Galfornia (Californian Gal)

[ 1st Gen were the leaders XD ]

[ note. Michi's room is like a gyaru kirakira museum.]

First, the gal’s introduced them to their club room (when you see them from behind they look Japanese) “This is our club room we call it ‘Shibuya’. (HAHAHAHA)
1) They call their club room Shibuya. 2) Gal Goods are purchased at Little Tokyo (Japanese Doll!?) 3) They consider koakuma and pop sisters their bible. We buy it at Little Tokyo and study Japanese Gal from the magazines.

[ tricia violates our gal code. her hair is not big enough ]

[ TRIBASA !! ]

Suddenly, (e~!) “Tricia we are Tsubasa for life, do you understand the importance of this? Your hair is not sticking out?! Please fix it right now! (scary) 5) Hair should always be sticking out moru (look poofy). We have to be always fashionable or we would not be considered as galfornia. What do you think, doesn’t it look good huh? (wow, really looks great).

[ part of our GAL CODE. : you MUST parapara ]

[ LOL . MIE is my favourite XD ]

[ part of our GAL CODE. you must make up right after you fight ]

The gals wanted to show to the Japanese something. They arrived at the middle of downtown Los Angeles shopping mall. What is going to happen? “Are you guys ready?” Is it what we think it is… PARAPARA? (no way!) Suddenly, (this is Gal is not dancing, does she even remember it?)
“STOP STOP STOP, excuse me Mie do you practice the moves?”
“That’s what I think I am doing”
“Tsubasa might be watching this, it’s a disgrace!”
“I’m just a little bit nervous!”
“You are a disgrace to the Galifornia!”
6) They are aware that they are being on Japanese Television.
“Just calm down you two! I can’t believe we are fighting over this, what if this whole segment is being aired in Japan that is considered a disgrace. I can’t believe this, we are trying to impress Tsubasa and our leader feels pressure because of that. Our leader is probably loves gal more than any of us, she’s just really intense when it comes to leading the group.

One hour later… OK we got to our favorite spot! YOSHIGYU, we heard that Tsubasa eats here too. 7) After an argument they go to YOSHINOYA. Yoshinoya is very popular in Los Angeles.

[ apparently j-gyaru eat @ Yoshinoya , so of all the nice restos in LA , they
wanted to see us eat here , eating beef bowls & drinking PEPSI ... but especially: ]


8) Beef bowl extra juice is the best. Even in the receipt it says “extra juice”. Even in Los Angeles you can experience the taste of Japanese. Putting a lot of assorted pepper and ITADAKIMASU!

[ it was actually really hard to eat XD surprised so many 'happy' photos LOL ]

“After eating beef bowl I feel that our argument was stupid, Mie, sorry to say harsh things to you, let’s work at the PARA PARA so we can perfect it together. (hahaha) We need to study more on the Japanese Gal Culture so we can show good things to Tsubasa!”

The staff says, “Um… sorry to burst your bubble but there are only a few Japanese Gal Circles in Japan and they are not that popular.” “…”

[ LOL ]


Did you like our rumor please judge (wowww!)
“It made me happy to know that Japan is being accepted by many”
“I know all you got to put is a host club nearby Yoshinoya and it is completely Japan” (HAHAHAHA)
“I really want to bring them to Shibuya” (Oh my gosh that’s brillian idea)
“What if we bring them to Shibuya and out of nowhere Tsubasa runs in to see to them?”
“Wow sounds so much fun! I would love to see that.”

the episode was basically highlighting our "GAL-CIRCLE CODE". I don't mind if we look obsessed with Tsubasa XD
maybe she will be more motivated to visit the US LOL.

XD i'm not the leader, but it's true that i just might be that hardcore LOL but our group is actually split up by 1ST
GENERATION ☆ & 2ND GENERATION ☆, not leaders. thank you for including footage
from our HOLIDAY HOT MESS EVENT & FASHION SHOW ♥♥ it was interesting seeing more extremes of our ourselves as a gal-sa ; hope you liked XD

Monday, February 14, 2011

valentine PUNCH ★ !! ★ !!

・゚☆ . ハッピー・バレンタインデー . ☆゚・

・゚☆ . happyvalentine'sday !!. ☆゚
流星が走り抜ける midnight

hope everyone enjoys a touch of romance & sinful debauchery tonight ♥ safe sex, all XD
have a valentine's day -esque post & some other stuff to follow soon ♥♥

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


i'm so excited for ★ ANAP LOS ANGELES店5TH ANNIVERSARY!!
18.FEBRUARY @ J LOUNGE [ 1119 S. Olive Street, Los Angeles, CA 90015 / www.jloungela.com ]
MORE DETAILS LATER ★ ★ hit me up to meet if you want to come with ♥

as already witnessed across a couple other DIAMOND blogs, we had some business to take care of last saturday >0> details to be released in time... so how about some photos to satisfy the meanwhile 8D ?? i stole a couple of them U.U thanks, ladies XD

3 photos credit---TRICIA ★

avacado tuna don ♥ & udon

1 photo credit---MICHI

been wanting to start a food blog for a couple years now. my boyfriend (foodie date) & i are both under the TAURUS sign. normally i don't quote astrology, but one thing people forget about a Taurus is we love fine food, fine drink, fine surroundings--& i always add fine company ;] anyways, as you know i'm pursuing my MA as a literary critic, i may have to train to become a food critic as well XD tons of photos i've been meaning to share. i wouldn't mind sharing the weight i've put on either T________________T